December 22, 2018

You maybe think that just to going on a gulet vacation in Turkey or Greece could be too boring for you. You are the type of person who also needs action sometimes? You cant sit whole day on deck of your sea vessel? No problem, decide for a boat vacation which is combined with a cycling tour at the same time. For this special programm tour two itineraries are offered. One in Turkey and one in Greece.

If you decide for the turkish itinerary you are travelling by boat along the Southwest coast of Turkey. The Greek itinerary leads you to the Greek Islands. The prerequesites for taking parting in this tour is a good health and that you are cycling regulary. This is very important as some parts of the distances can be little rocky with different grades. Every day the distance is between 30-40 km.

The mountain bikes will be available for you. You just have to bring your own cycling equipment with protection. But if you a hobby mountain biker you will have this kind of equipment anyway.

The whole tour a professional and experienced guide will be next to you to make sure that eveything will be save for you.

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