Aralık 22, 2018

Gulet charters in Turkey are getting more and more popular. Turkey is a recommended sailing region for all sailors. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert at sailing. Because if you rent a sea vessel, maybe one of the most famous Turkish motorsailers, then it will come with a crew and captain who will sail the motorsailer for you. That means you don’t have to do anything apart from relaxing and enjoying your dream holiday. 

Turkish gulets are handmade and currently being handmade and built in the city of Bodrum. They are available in different sizes and the number of cabins depends on the size of the vessel. There are motorsailers with 3 cabins but you can also find motorsailers with upto 12 cabins!

Whilst you are travelling along the Southwest coast of Turkey, you will stop in modern and picturesque harbours. When you see how modern these harbours are, it is hard to imagine that around 20-30 of these little coast towns used to be little fishing villages and were untouched by tourism. Still today, there are a few places that still reminds us of these times. There are also solitary bays and little islands along the coast. You can also enjoy the flair of 1001 nights. This flair is a mixture of Orient and Occident. Maybe that’s why Turkey is such a popular destination to travel to.

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