December 19, 2018

The new year started and very soon the winter will be over. So people start to think about what they can do in the next summer holiday. Yuce Yachting is offering a wide range of stunning gulets which you can book for a Turkish gulet holiday. You will find the adequate gulet for you for sure. Yuce Yachting has divided its gulets in following categories: economic, luxury, deluxe and VIP. Choose one of them and start cruising the blue sea.

Take a time-out this summer and explore Turkey. Breath-taking nature, nice weather, interesting culture and history are just some aspects which are militating in favour of these two gulet charter destinations. Travelling onboard a gulet will be one of the most relaxed and comfortable holiday experiences you have ever made in your life. You don’t believe us? Well, look and see! You can easily compare a gulet with a floating accommodation plus a rented car with a high degree of privacy and flexibility. You are not bound to one certain location. It doesn’t matter which place you want to visit, your gulet can bring you there and because you are travelling onboard the gulet your accommodation is always ‘in your luggage’.

A gulet cruise Turkey is a great opportunity to get to know the charm of the country away from crowded hotels and a mass of tourists. Of course from time to time you will be confronted with many tourists, for example when you disembark from your gulet in lively coast towns like Marmaris or Bodrum or when you visit famous beaches like the one in Ölüdeniz. But when it is getting too much for you, the endless sea full with freedom is waiting for you. We make a Turkish gulet holiday real for you at the best possible price

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