About Marmaris

Part of the Mediterranean Sea between neighbours Turkey and Greece is the Aegean Sea. This is how the two neighbours refer to the part the Mediterranean between them. The Aegean Sea is connected to the Black Sea by Çanakkale and İstanbul straits.

Turkey is a large peninsula, with coasts lining both the Aegean and the Mediterranean Seas.

A frequently asked question; “where is the beginning and end of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas?” The answer: Marmaris!

Marmaris splits the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea by a narrow and long peninsula. The Marmaris Peninsula has always been an important part of the Mediterranean Civilization with its geographical positioning as well as its beautiful nature and rich history.

Marmaris played an important role in the development of the waterline civilization between the Mediterranean Islands and the shores of the European Continent and Eastern Mediterranean.

Trade ships had to cross the Aegean Sea in order to go east or west. The shortest and safest way to do this was either to reach the Aegean shores of Anatolia or to cast anchor from these shores and sail away. Aegean shores were full with countless bays, in other words natural ports. A safe haven from strong winds and storms.

The communities living around the Mediterranean began trading from the earliest times. Sea trading developed in the Mediterranean as well as Seamanship skills and later spread to other parts of the World.

The Mediterranean, although not a generous food source, on the other hand was a very convenient transportation highway.The geographical structure of the coasts facilitated the work of ships and boats of the time. At first, the ports and then the cities around the ports were established and developed quickly on the shores of the Aegean and the Mediterranean.

The foundations of today’s civilizations were formed at this time, thus the Aegean – Mediterranean Civilization was born.

Marmaris Gulet Yacts

43 meters
8.4 meters
7.4 meters
37 MT / 121′5″ FT
2003 / 2009
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