About Gocek

It is rumored that the name of the people of the region was taken over time as a result of the emigration. T. C. Ministry of Internal Affairs, the last installment of the names of our villages in the Ankara 1928 diesel is referred to as the VILLAGE SCALE. The neighboring village is referred to as Gökçeovacık, KÖYCEK OVASI.

Our neighborhood is on the Muğla – Fethiye road. After Dalaman until 2006, it was necessary to cross a narrow and winding road to reach the region. The 980-meter Dalaman tunnel, which was put into service in June 2006, has made transportation easier. Also made this tunnel in Turkey-operate-transfer is the first tunnel made with the model of transition ücretlidir.z roll Muğla deputy Hasan özyer descends to focus on persistently and personally efforts result in Gocek tunnel in a short time completed almost Gocek life vermiştir.fethi to, Dalaman, Gocek much The biggest investment in the last 50 years is the Göcek tunnel.

Its inhabitant population is 6,590. It is thought that this number exceeds 9,000 in summer. Blue Cruise has busy yacht traffic as exit and end point. It is a quiet and safe harbor, especially for long-distance travelers from international waters. With clean Mediterranean waters, lush pine forests and beaches, it has become an indispensable route for sea passengers with its bays and islands. For holiday purposes, it is a different alternative for high quality holiday units that provide service to local and foreign tourists, fun beach which provides daily boat trip and many beach and dark holiday resorts.

Gocek Gulet Yacts

43 meters
8.4 meters
7.4 meters
37 MT / 121′5″ FT
2003 / 2009
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